When All the Stars Are Falling Down?

This very humble website will be here for a short while in the near future so I can update friends, be they fake friends or real friends. But this website is actually only created for those that truly connected to the messages and writings, which I humbly delivered in the past. I also told you in the past that my writings were for the future. That future is now fast approaching us all. Indeed it was always inevitable.

The Past.

23 years ago, in October 1998, I experienced a massive Epiphany. Basically, after suffering many traumas and a long period of time questioning the reasons for my very existence, I simply climbed a 30 foot ladder whilst doing a job in my workplace, an Aerospace factory. After reaching the summit I looked down and whilst suffering emotional turmoil decided to jump to my death. Suddenly, once my decision to die was made, I was instantly hit by a massive energetic force, a force which literally entered my body through the cervical spine area and literally made my spine vibrate.

It was like something powerful entered my body or something left it. I then instantly climbed down the ladder, jumping down the last few rungs as I uttered strange words and became instantly changed and affected. At one stage I raised a hammer in the air (Yes, a bit like something from the cartoon series Masters of the Universe). I was saying something like ‘At Last’.

My life has never been the same since, and I really wouldn’t have wanted it to be. Of course I was labelled insane and cast aside like a dog turd. But I say today…”What a piece of good fortune that was though”. “Being insane is not all its cracked up to be tha knows”

I went on to write information and pass on messages for several years, albeit only to the best of my ability due to my reform school/ approved school education. I wrote three basic books, but most of my writings were supplied very quickly and directly through free Internet articles. True friends will already know ALL my writings in their hearts! And all my main writings will also be made available to download on this website ASAP for those that don’t.

My writings were based on what I termed the ‘SERPENT CULT’ in 1998. I spent several years physically researching and following very powerful spiritual direction. I was spiritually educated on a massive level and shown this world as it really is for many years. I could also access my long lost childhood memories that had been locked in my subconscious for many, many years. Because of such things I supplied information on very difficult subjects.At the end of the day I was basically rejected or cancelled just for telling what I was shown. I simply relayed information as the ‘harsh truths’ I was shown. In 2021 I laugh at the rejection as being a small aspect of my own education, my own awakening. The hypocrisy of a selfish troop of stupefied apes, those fakers and takers that pose as loving human beings in a world full of of their fellow liars, showed me far more than a subscription to some bullshit truther radio hosts or a thousand bullshit truther DVDS ever could.

But our fake bullshit lives go on regardless, and so did mine. I was still under spiritual direction nothing changed. The truther merchants and their customers scenario was not ever my way of seeing the truth. The Truth Movement to me is only as useless or as good as any other movement. The only movement that truly does us all any good in this world is a bowel movement. But even a bowel movement, just like the truth movement itself only means ‘the shite keeps on coming’.

The truth movement is a business. It can never be anything else. Merchants are Merchants and Customers are Customers. And never the twain shall meet. Wake up that if you really want to wake up.

My friend, a truther ‘Customer’ can only reach the same level as the truther ‘Merchant’ that sells him their goods. There is no truth in business. There is only guile and a universal policy of supply and demand. A stupefied ape can be served and patronised by Sky News or Alex Jones. It doesn’t matter which. Media is Media. Stupefied Apes are Stupefied Apes. Does it matter which banana tree we get our bananas from? Myself included.


My health had rapidly deteriorated since the ‘Up the Ladder Epiphany’ took place in 98 and by 2014 I became very ill indeed. It later took some life threatening situations and additional intense emotional torment to educate me and show me about life and death in this world. My sufferings and tribulations were the only way to teach me and show me the things I needed to see. I was always an eager pupil in far more ways than one.

The Present (2021)

The information I provided over several years was provided to true friends in advance of time. I could not produce such information during the present day and in the days to come, it had to be produced in advance because of what is to come. It will now be used as my own honest ‘reference’ library for the present and the near future. My past writings, those which friends have taken in and believed anyway, will act as my only true cornerstone, my rock. If you took in my writings it should now be clear that ‘in these days’ you are far more likely to believe me in the future and therefore believe what I wrote in the past.

Maybe, in these days of masks and the liars that hide behind them, YOU can now see the Serpent approaching to take you and your offspring into a very vivid and conscious living hell instead of just a subconscious hell I spoke about that most couldn’t even have imagined existed before?

Maybe you can understand that the Serpent Cult was not a part of my madness or paranoia now. The Serpent Cult, which I spoke of many times over two decades, has NOW entered your life through your own eyes and ears, but I stress such an invasion has only currently appeared on a very mild basis. I say mild because I know what’s coming.

The writings supplied through me, especially those that told you of the true rituals taking place in this world of liars, and the stupefied apes that willing carry them out, were sent to me through intense and powerful spiritual forces. I then vividly endorsed the writings through directly receiving severe physical direction and harsh but important spiritual lessons. I was never after clicks on websites and subscriptions. I was only trying to help friends.

I am a mere ex borstal boy and I’m a simple no mark in this world, as its fraudulently painted anyway. Especially so as a physical slave’ an ex unskilled factory worker. I was a metal worker and mill worker for 30 years, I never picked a pen up during that time. I never really thought anything at all past gaining the sanctuary of the pub or working to exist and to care for my wife and children. Things like experiencing Epiphany’ spiritual direction and even gaining access to unique honest information is not meant to happen to men like me, is it? Well is it? And of course relaying true spiritual information is not for the likes of ageing uneducated ex delinquents is it? Well is it? Ageing ex delinquents can only suffer mental disorders and be a total nut job yes? I tell you the truth being a nut job is the only way forward in a world of fakes and liars. So I say to anyone who is tagged a nut job, embrace it with all your heart and laugh at the so called sane that tag you. For their future will not amount to the contents of a bucket of piss on a spiritual level.

The few people who can gained anything from my past messages will know already know it inside themselves. I talk of the humble who suffer alone in this awful world. The humble. Those that actually found this page coming to them. It is only such people that I can help in the future. They don’t need to subscribe or buy a t shirt or a DVD from me. That is because the past messages, along with the messages still to come, will only help them when they really need it. I know this because I have experienced it myself. So if anyone is hit with something powerful in the future please know I was hit long before you. My messages were never for the ego filled forum/youtube gobshites. And the faking and taking ‘website worshipping’ stupefied parrots clearly already have their rewards in this shithole world. Their future is still truly written as it always was written since the Days of Noah. Let em’ have it, I say.

I tell those I love to be strong, to be patient and understand that the best messages always come through images, parable, prophecy and most of all the gut feeling which is fuelled via a strong heart.

I tell friends that apart from my health seriously deteriorating and it therefore seriously ageing me, nothing has changed at all in me, neither in my heart nor in my spirit. I tell you the truth when I say I told you the truth! I tell you the truth today and I will still tell you the truth during the end of days ahead. I say Be Strong. Be Good. Trust in you. Trust your heart and intuition. Only YOU and your deeds can set you free.

The Future

I will release a book this year. I will release a few articles this year, should my body and my life itself allow it.


Back in the early noughties I produced a very cheesy video, just when youtube was just starting up and I was humbly writing ahead of time.

I provide another today, one that is even cheesier if it is possible to produce a cheesier one than the one I produced many years ago. I can only suggest to friends they watch it, whilst wearing headphones if they can. I also reproduce the picture (below) that appeared out of nothing, a fluke, during the very strange times as I stood on the Pillars of Hercules Monument on the Rock of Gibraltar in 2013. At the exact moment of the click of the camera a corona type situation appeared. The picture wasn’t and isn’t faked. It was only automatically enhanced so it is properly visible to you. No one even really looked at this picture in 2013. No one could be bothered to look or listen.

Matthew Delooze on the Pillars of Hercules Monument Gibraltar. October 2013.

The Pillars of Hercules Monument as it is.

The previously mentioned ‘very, very cheesy video’, is below. Don’t fret, its just the amateurish babble and nonsensical ramblings of a useless leper and imbecile. Again I can only ask any true friend to pay close attention to it using all their senses and I humbly suggest again that they wear headphones if possible and watch the full screen version. I can only tell those very, very few that actually get attracted to the cheesy video at some stage, that I tell the truth and I told the truth.


I will be in touch with friends in the future. .

‘May Love Reign O’er You’

Matthew Delooze June 2021